Carlton Gibson

I'm one of your friendly Django Fellows, working on Django, and helping out on various packages in the ecosystem. When I'm not doing that, I co-host the DjangoChat podcast — I should probably get out more. I've got lots of kids, so they keep me busy.

I'm @carltongibson on Twitter and GitHub and I'm secretly building a simpler story for deployment at

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Dynamic static sites with Django and Sphinx
Carlton Gibson

You're building a content site? Can't face a CMS? Well have the best of all worlds!

Write your site content in Markdown. Manage it on the file system with git.
Use all the power of Sphinx to build your site, but server it with Django.

Cross-referencing, content super-powers meet auth, forms, interactivity,
dynamic content and all the rest of it. .

You don't have to choose, and you don't have to roll your own either.

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