Francisco J. López-Lira Hinojo

Francisco has a Bachelor on computer engineering and a Master on Deep Learning. Francisco started his career a long time ago as a programmer and when a company put him in charge of a project that later failed, he started to learn about project management and software quality models, processes, methods and techniques. For the past 5 years, he has been developing software using Django for several projects.

Francisco currently resides in Spain.

You can reach him at:

twitter: flopezlira

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Cleanroom Software Engineering with Django
Francisco J. López-Lira Hinojo

Cleanroom software engineering process is a software development process developed at IBM intended to produce software with a certifiable level of reliability. A principal objective of the Cleanroom process is development of software that exhibits zero failures in use. In this workshop we will review how to implement it in a project with the help of Django.

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