Unlocking the full potential of PostgreSQL indexes in Django
2021-06-02, 10:00–10:45 (Europe/Paris), Main Room

Developers who are not familiar with databases often fear them, and prefer to treat them like a blackbox. Indexes are extremely powerful and Django provides many ways of using indexes to make queries faster.

In this talk I’ll present advanced indexing technics in PostgreSQL using the Django ORM.

In the talk we are going to optimize a real life Django application using advanced and exotic indexing techinics in PostgreSQL.

We are going to address performance issues in real life use cases using advanced indexing features in PostgreSQL:

  • B-Tree indexes
  • Covering indexes
  • Partial indexes
  • Function based indexes
  • Hash indexes
  • BRIN Indexes

If you are not sure what are all these index types are, this talk is for you!

Haki is a software developer and a technical lead. He takes special interest in databases, web development, software design and performance tuning. Haki also writes about development and performance in his blog hakibenita.com.

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