Getting started with React, GraphQL, and Django
2021-06-02, 09:45–10:35 (Europe/Paris), Secondary Room

What is GraphQL? When would I use it instead of DRF? How does it work with my models? In this session, we'll answer all these questions and more as we walk through a working example of a React, GraphQL, and Django application.

When I first heard of GraphQL, I had a lot of questions. How is GraphQL different from REST? What're the benefits? When would I use it instead of DRF (Django Rest Framework)? Can I use it with my existing Django models? What about my views? My permissions? Is it difficult to integrate with my frontend?

REST has served us well for more than twenty years; of course, I would be wary of any technology which requires a total paradigm shift. In this session, I will answer those questions and hopefully alleviate any apprehension about trying GraphQL.

We'll look at a working example of an RGD stack, showing how you can continue to use all the power of your Django backend while rendering and querying your data in React via GraphQL.

Aaron Bassett is a recovering senior software engineer turned Principal Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic. He is a developer, public speaker, writer, and mentor; he spends most of his time making cool stuff and helping other people make unbelievably cool stuff 🔥🦄✨🚀