HTMX: Frontend Revolution
2021-06-03, 15:05–15:50 (Europe/Paris), Main Room

HTMX is a tiny JavaScript library which helps you to avoid JavaScript. Instead of sending JSON over the wire (like React, Vue, ...) it sends HTML fragments over the wire.

It simplifies the toolchain and the result are fast pages with good SEO (web vitals) scores.

I developed my first CGI script in 1998. Since that day I have seen a lot of hypes coming and going.

The talk will consist of three parts:

  • My humorous odyssey of trying to find a great frontend framework
  • Retrospective: What do I want from the frontend?
  • I finally found: HTMX: HTML Fragments over the wire

Besides simplicity, good Web Vitals performance (SEO) is a benefit of this method.

The talk will express my personal opinion, feelings and fun. It won't dive into technical details.

Thank you to for supporting the talk.


Example Project:

1976 Born in Stuttgart, Germany. Childhood in Bayreuth

1996..2001 Studied Computer Science in Dresden

Since 2001 "in love" with Python

Since 2008 Django