KEYNOTE | We're all part of this: Jazzband 5 years later
2021-06-04, 13:50–15:05 (Europe/Paris), Main Room

The Jazzband project was launched 5 years ago to help maintainers find a way to secure the long-term maintenance of their Python projects. The result was a collective of volunteers that stepped up in a big way on the way to solve Open Source sustainability.

In this talk I'll dive into the history of the project, the good and bad of running the project for >5 years and the next steps for Jazzband.

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Jannis Leidel, better known as "jezdez" in the Python and Django communities, has until recently been working at Mozilla as a software engineer on the Mozilla data platform team, maintaining part of Mozilla’s data infrastructure and tools and before that as a web developer on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) project that documents Open Web technologies. He now works on the Distro team at Anaconda to help people to use Python et al in all kinds of environments.

As an avid contributor to Open Source projects, he's incredibly proud of the different communities he has become part of, whether it's the Python packaging ecosystem, the data science community, the Django project or the Jazzband collective. As director at the Python Software Foundation he works in the packaging working group, the finance committee and as co-communication chair.

Feel free to reach out to him via Twitter at @jezdez (DMs are open).
Jazzband's website is at