Profiling Django & Python apps
2021-06-03, 09:45–10:35 (Europe/Paris), Secondary Room

It is difficult to improve what is not measurable! Profiling an application should always be the first step in trying to improve its performance. With this workshop, learn how to identify performance issues in your application and adopt the best profiling practices in your daily development habits. This workshop will use the tool to help you identify performance leaks.

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My name is Jérôme Vieilledent and I work as developer advocate at

I'm a senior technical expert with 17 years of experience. Completely self-educated, I'm a perfectionist and always ensure to follow best practices, but also to help people understand why they are best practices.


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Sümer Cip is currently a Senior Software Engineer at a company that focuses on producing performance profiling/observability tools for various languages. He is the author of 'Yappi', a thread-aware profiler for Python and contributed to many open source projects in his career.

Twitter: @sumercip

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