Meritxell Sardà Ventosa

Hi there!
Nobody calls me Meritxell, except my mother when she's upset with me. Feel free to call me Meri or Txell; either works.

My professional journey began in the realms of Physics and Engineering, but I was captivated by programming. It has been a love affair for over a decade now, marked by the highs and lows of data projects—a blessing or a bane, depending on the day. I know you feel it too.

I've worked in various industries—banking, e-commerce, healthcare, and media—taking on roles in risk management, marketing, sales, and finance. Always in the technical side but with a focus on understanding the business aspect of things, which forced me to develop not just strong technical skills, but a robust capacity for extreme patience as well. Which I finally choose not to.
So in 2021, I took the plunge and co-founded my own company, and we're still riding that wave. (Yay!)

We didn't stop at data projects, our bread and butter. We ventured into creating desktop and web applications, primarily using Python for backend magic and JavaScript for frontend charm. That's when I met Django, which led me to this amazing congress.

Motivation has helped me just few times during my professional journey. Discipline and humor have been my true keys to keep alive, especially humor. Oh, and Stack Overflow, of course.


AI, away from the hype
Meritxell Sardà Ventosa

Beyond the excitement about the new generation of LLMs, AI is just an
ecosystem inside the wider tech-biome. We are going to revisit the
fundamentals to examine sensible AI projects and systems that can healthily
be integrated into the wider tech world.