Ronny Vedrilla

My name is Ronny, I'm born Austrian and grew up, studied and started working with Django in Cologne, Germany.

I studied Business Information Systems at the University of Cologne I tried hard to avoid getting a regular consulting job after I got my diploma. Ending up (and staying) at Ambient Digital in 2012 as a web developer, I've done and seen many things but Django was always an essential part of all of it.

My first Djangocon experience was in Heidelberg in 2018 where I expected... something different. I was honestly astonished that it's possible to sit and listen to talks all day and not getting bored. #notuni Ever since, I attended all cons, either in person or remotly (due to the pandemic).


Tying up a loose end - How class-based emails will save your day
Ronny Vedrilla

Improve your codebase and developer experience by using the novel class-based emails from “django-pony-express” – shipped with a test-suite – to finally have a DRY email setup and save the day!