Django Classy All The Things!!!
06-07, 12:25–12:55 (Europe/Madrid), Auditorium

Some love it, some hate it but Django has a whole second documentation site called CCBV. No matter what team you're in, such documentation interface is very useful but... what if we could document whole Django projects that way?

Django is incredibly powerful, but as your project grows, it also often gains in complexity. This can be daunting for new members on your team or even future you. Class methods and fields can be inherited from multiple parent classes and mixins, making it hard to get a complete picture of what a model can do at a glance. And when I say "class" I mean any type of class, including models!

If you've ever used sites like,, and you will know how powerful such API documentation can be.

In this talk, I'll demonstrate how you can leverage Python's reflection capabilities to automatically generate detailed API documentation similar to those sites but for your own Django projects and your own custom classes whether they are models, views or anything else.

You'll learn how reflection makes this possible, how to automate this process, and how to integrate it into your developer workflow. Stop wondering what your classes can do - let them tell you directly!


Django Internals, General Python, Documentation

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Long-time pythonista, Django fan, electronics enthusiast, co-maintainer and co-author of DRF-Schema-Adapter and other OSS libraries

I am from Belgium and have been involved in open-source at different levels for about 20 years.

One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing knowledge with others. And this is why I enjoy writing tutorials as well as giving talks and workshops.