Lucas Pires

Originally from Porto, Portugal, and holding an Msc. in Networks & Computer Engineering from the University of Porto, I've passionately pursued a career as a versatile freelancer, specializing in the development and maintenance of websites, back-end systems, and mobile applications for a diverse range of small companies. My skill set encompasses a variety of technologies, including PHP, NodeJS, Flutter, Ionic, HTMX, and Django.
Currently, I am fully committed to my role at Evolutio, where I lead the development of comprehensive applications for an array of clients from various sectors. My projects have ranged from creating housing market statistics platforms to crafting CMS applications for housing news and events management, utilizing a combination of Django, SvelteKit, and HTMX.
In my spare time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge through Full-stack Web Development courses, primarily aimed at university students. I am continually expanding my knowledge base, diving deep into topics such as DevOps tools and exploring the ever-evolving landscape of frontend frameworks, with a particular focus on SvelteKit.
When I'm not immersed in code, you can find me enjoying my other passions, including retro video games, fine-tuning my music mixing skills, and exploring the wonders of our world through travel.


Building advanced back-office interfaces using Django & HTMX
Lucas Pires

Explore a pragmatic approach to enhancing Django's back-office interfaces. Delve into the practical integration of lightweight frameworks like HTMX and AlpineJS to introduce interactivity with minimal JavaScript. This talk focuses on custom generic class-based views, offering insights into CRUD operations, formsets, and advanced techniques for managing Django models. Join me for a comprehensive overview of these techniques, from read-only forms to patching HTMX into the Django Admin, as we redefine Django development practices.