Anastasiia Kostiv

Anastasiia Kostiv is a highly skilled and experienced Data Scientist with a diverse background spanning multiple industries. With over 5 years of hands-on experience working with complex datasets, she has made significant contributions in healthcare, finance, and game analytics domains. Anastasiia's proficiency in a wide range of tools and technologies, including Python, R, advanced SQL queries, ML, Shiny, Plumber, Node.js, Reactjs, React Native, and API development, has enabled her to effectively analyze and interpret data using the latest statistical and machine learning techniques.

One notable accomplishment in Anastasiia's career was her involvement in designing and implementing a robust data management system for the Barcelona office of the World Health Organization. Her expertise proved instrumental in developing dashboards for the International Finance Corporation, a sister organization of the World Bank. Recently, Anastasiia made significant contributions to the "Bohemia" project, a groundbreaking clinical trial aimed at evaluating the efficacy of Ivermectin in reducing malaria-related mortality among children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing a data retrieval issue faced by the project, she took the initiative to develop a dockerized cloud endpoint/API using R and Plumber, effectively addressing the problem.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anastasiia demonstrates a strong passion for learning and innovation. During her spare time, she actively engages in personal projects, such as writing her own R packages and widgets. She also enjoys creating intricate Slack bots using R and Python. To further enhance her skills and knowledge, Anastasiia continuously seeks growth opportunities through various online courses.

With her exceptional expertise, dedication, and track record of successful projects, Anastasiia Kostiv stands as a valuable asset in the field of data science, contributing to cutting-edge solutions and advancements across diverse industries.


Revealing Perspectives: The Art of Data Insight Communication in the Data-Driven Projects
Anastasiia Kostiv

"Unveiling Perspectives: The Art of Data Insight Communication in the Data-Driven Projects" is an engaging presentation that emphasizes the criticality of effectively communicating findings and insights in the field of Data Science. Often overlooked, the final stage of a data-driven project involves presenting results to stakeholders. This talk sheds light on the importance of this stage and explores the art of presenting findings, storytelling, and employing interactive methods to convey complex information in an intuitive manner. By leveraging powerful Python tools such as PyShiny, FastAPI, Streamlit, Flask, and ReactPy, participants will gain insights into how to effectively utilize these tools to enhance their data analysis and ensure understandability and memorability. In addition, the session will touch upon color science principles and other intriguing elements. The speaker will showcase a real-life data-driven project and demonstrate their innovative solution for result communication, providing practical examples and valuable takeaways.