How to become a FastAPI Expert
09-24, 11:20–11:55 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

The secret of becoming a FastAPI Expert will be revealed. 🤫

On this talk, you'll understand how you can help the community, and receive guidelines
to be become an expert yourself. 🔥

FastAPI is a relatively new web framework that has been growing a lot lately. We'll go through the features, and things that make the framework great, and understand why its popularity has been growing so fast.

We'll go through the history of the framework, and understand why it was created.
What was missing in the world that made FastAPI not only a new web framework, but the missing piece in the Python World.

Furthermore, we'll see how I went from a newbie to a FastAPI expert, and how you can become one as well.
No matter how much experience you are, this talk will still be useful to you if you're interested in helping our community.

- Self-introduction (1 min)
- Overview of the session (1 min)
- Motivation (1 min)
- Introduction to FastAPI and features (5 min)
- Explain why FastAPI was created (3 min)
- Share my history with the framework (6 min)
- How I find out about FastAPI (3 min)
- My first issues and my first PR (1 min)
- First job offer to work with FastAPI (1 min)
- The creation of the discord server, and my daily routine (1 min)
- Share how I went deeper into the ecosystem (5 min)
- First contributions to Uvicorn (1 min)
- Receive the invite to become a member of encode (1 min)
- The first steps on Starlette (1 min)
- Assume a bit more of responsibility naturally (2 min)
- Summary (2 min)


I'm a maintainer of Starlette and Uvicorn. Also a FastAPI Expert! 🚀