From Development to Production, Getting Actionable Insights to Optimize Django Code Performance
2021-06-04, 14:30–15:05 (Europe/Paris), Secondary Room

Blackfire offers a unique blend of Monitoring and Profiling features. Unlike traditional APMs on the market, it focuses on the quality of the data it collects, rather than its quantity, in order to make sure developers know quickly what they can do to fix issues.

We’ll see how developers can see in real-time how end-user perceive the performance of an application, and the several levels through which Blackfire can drill down in order to find the root cause of issues.
We’ll see how Blackfire can be used within CI/CD or any testing pipeline, to prevent issues from being released to production.
And we’ll see how Blackfire can be used on a development machine to reproduce and analyze issues, as well as validate code iterations.

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My name is Jérôme Vieilledent and I work as developer advocate at

I'm a senior technical expert with 17 years of experience. Completely self-educated, I'm a perfectionist and always ensure to follow best practices, but also to help people understand why they are best practices.


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