Tobias McNulty

Tobias co-founded Caktus in 2007 and, as Chief Executive Officer, guides the strategic vision of the company. He has been an active member of the Django development community, is a core developer of the RapidSMS framework, and makes regular contributions to both the projects. He is the co-author of and chief advocate for the messages framework that was introduced in Django 1.2 and has helped his co-founder Colin Copeland organize several successful Django development sprints in the North Carolina Research Triangle area.


Pair Programming after the Pandemic and Beyond
Tobias McNulty, Keanya Phelps

Pair programming is used every day at our company, Caktus, to provide new learning opportunities for teammates, unblock developers, and maximize productivity even among our most senior staff. Often thought of as a teaching tool, which it is, we believe regular pair programming also helps establish a cultural standard within engineering organizations that breaks down silos and maximizes the amount of work not done.