Tom Teichler

Born 2004, I am just the average junior high school student from a small village named Dabringhausen in Germany (near Cologne and Düsseldorf). Average, except for the fact that, starting from my 13th birthday, I have by now contributed roughly 50,000 lines of code to free software projects, mostly related to Python and Django applications.

Having participated in some coding workshops by Teckids, the free software youth organisation, I quickly started contributing to tools used there, and throughout time became a core contributor to several educational software projects, Debian Edu and the AlekSIS school information system ranked foremost.

When not coding or caring for DevOps infrastructure, I enjoy music, going out geocaching sometimes, and travelling the world for fun and for visiting conferences or development sprints.

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Digitisation and Education — How the AlekSIS project fosters co-creation of school software by young people
Tom Teichler, Dominik George

Free software is all about participation, and projects can empower young people to participate by designing their software in a way that opens it up for learning and teaching in education. This talk reports from the AlekSIS project that develops real-world educational software that is intended to be extended by the students that actually work with it.