Creating a spotify-like personal streaming service with Django and Vue: Lessons learned
2020-09-18, 15:10–15:50 (Europe/Lisbon), Virtual

In today's web, working with a frontend framework or library is becoming the norm. Vue is one of the most popular ones but how does it play with Django, what are the advantages and caveats?

We'll use a practical example to explore some of those, ranging from getting the 2 frameworks to "just" work together to data exchange through a DRF API, authentication and websockets.

We'll use a spotify-like personal streaming service as a sample project for our journey into Django and Vue integration. We'll start with a short demo of the application so that everyone knows what we will be looking into.

During the talk we'll cover the following topics:

  • Getting both development servers (Django and Vue) running and having them talk to each other.
  • Overview of Vue tools (browser extensions, cheat sheet, cli)
  • Vue basics
  • Data exchange using Django REST Framework, VueX and Axios
  • Connecting the frontend to a Channels websocket
  • Authentication (token vs session)

The talk will end with a conclusion of positive and negative experiences encountered during the development of the application

Long-time pythonista, Django fan, co-maintainer and co-author of DRF-Schema-Adapter and other OSS libraries

I am from Belgium and have been involved in open-source at different levels for over a 15 years.

One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing knowledge with others. And this is why I enjoy writing tutorials as well as giving talks and workshops.