Tiago Silva

I'm passionate software engineer and entrepreneur.

Creator of Esmerald and many other opensource projects.

Web 3.0, Cloud, Data Analytics, Blockchain and all in between are the areas that I can help you.

I created Esmerald, Saffier, Asyncz, Django Tenants URL, Django Messages DRF and a bunch of other opensource tools being widely used by a lot of companies and people.

I do a lot of Open Source projects and code to give back to the community what I've learnt and that demands even more time than the one I currently have and all my free time goes to the free and open-source software I build.

By checking my public repositories you will see that I've done a lot of the heavy lifting for a lot of frameworks (Django, Flask, FastAPI, Angular, React, React for Blockchain...) that will save a lot of time and configurations, it will save months to be very honest to a lot of developers (structure, configurations...), I hope you enjoy using them as I do enjoy maintaining them


Esmerald and Saffier - Complex Python made it easy with async
Tiago Silva, Pedro Correia

Python in the context of data for python developers, non python engineers and businesses using Esmerald and Saffier with the power of async python.