Alexandre Miguel Fernandes Gomes da Silva

Degree in Applied Mathematics, Coimbra Portugal. MSc Statistics University College Dublin, PhD Statistics University of Reading, UK- Coordinating Professor at ISCAC | Coimbra Business School. Founder, director and technical supervisor of PolLab, center for market studies and surveys. Created and is Coordinator of the master's degree Data analysis and decision support systems. Member of CEISUC research team as an "integrated researcher" - Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra. Member of several scientific associations.

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Anastasiia Kostiv

Anastasiia Kostiv is a highly skilled and experienced Data Scientist with a diverse background spanning multiple industries. With over 5 years of hands-on experience working with complex datasets, she has made significant contributions in healthcare, finance, and game analytics domains. Anastasiia's proficiency in a wide range of tools and technologies, including Python, R, advanced SQL queries, ML, Shiny, Plumber, Node.js, Reactjs, React Native, and API development, has enabled her to effectively analyze and interpret data using the latest statistical and machine learning techniques.

One notable accomplishment in Anastasiia's career was her involvement in designing and implementing a robust data management system for the Barcelona office of the World Health Organization. Her expertise proved instrumental in developing dashboards for the International Finance Corporation, a sister organization of the World Bank. Recently, Anastasiia made significant contributions to the "Bohemia" project, a groundbreaking clinical trial aimed at evaluating the efficacy of Ivermectin in reducing malaria-related mortality among children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing a data retrieval issue faced by the project, she took the initiative to develop a dockerized cloud endpoint/API using R and Plumber, effectively addressing the problem.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anastasiia demonstrates a strong passion for learning and innovation. During her spare time, she actively engages in personal projects, such as writing her own R packages and widgets. She also enjoys creating intricate Slack bots using R and Python. To further enhance her skills and knowledge, Anastasiia continuously seeks growth opportunities through various online courses.

With her exceptional expertise, dedication, and track record of successful projects, Anastasiia Kostiv stands as a valuable asset in the field of data science, contributing to cutting-edge solutions and advancements across diverse industries.

  • Revealing Perspectives: The Art of Data Insight Communication in the Data-Driven Projects
Avneet Kaur

I am currently working as a Data Engineering Professional at Novo Nordisk. I am inspired by the advancing developments in making computers imitate and understand human language, vision, and intelligence and passionate about building tech that adds value to society.

  • Building Dainty Dashboards in Plotly Dash for health data science.
Cláudia Mendes

As the Global Director for Portuguese-Speaking Countries at the international NGO Women in Tech®, she is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the IT industry. With a strong background in Project Management and serving as a Diversity Ambassador at Siemens Portugal, she strives to promote inclusivity and innovation in the workplace.
She holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at the University of Coimbra. Additionally, she contributes her expertise as a member of the Advisory Board at CHRLY, a Corporate Startup of Fujitsu Portugal and Advisory Board at Leading Tech, Líder Magazine.
Her commitment to fostering diverse and thriving tech ecosystems extends to mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs in Lisbon.

  • Breaking Bias: PyWomen = 0 #ErrorAlert
Cristián Maureira-Fredes

Hello! My name is Cristián and I currently work as Sr. R&D Manager at The Qt Company. One of my main responsibilities is the Qt for Python project (PySide/Shiboken), which is the set of official bindings of the Qt Framework to Python. In my day to day, I work with C++, Python and CPython, which are usually the topics of my talks. In my spare time, I like to collaborate with Open Source communities, mainly Python such as Python en Español, Python Chile, Python España, and conferences like PyConUS and Europython, and much more!

  • CPython Survival Kit: basic C concepts to understand Python better
Darya Petrashka

Data Scientist, passionate about data and its usage for problem-solving.
Darya's area of interest includes classical ML and NLP, LLMs, and GenerativeAI as well as working with AWS services. She is an active AWS Community Builder since August 2022.
Live-longer learner, taking part in online schools, courses, and workshops. Besides, Darya likes to challenge herself in hackathons.

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer, ChatGPT, and GitHub Copilot: Choosing the Best Python AI Code Assistant
Duarte Pompeu

Hi, I'm Duarte. I'm a software engineer since 2019, and my passions are architecture, clean code, incremental development and refactoring. I can also make some mean Moscow Mules!

Also here's the link to my linkedin. Link, Linkedin, get it? Sorry.

  • Tools to setup great python projects
Efe Öge

I’ve been tinkering with web projects since my childhood, and that curiosity eventually led me to pursue a career in software development. With over seven years of professional experience in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects and technologies.

  • Practical Guide to Database Locks with Django
Felix Mino

I’m Felix Miño, software developer at Stack Builders, two-time PyCon Latam speaker, one-time at Pycon Colombia, and one-time speaker at DjangoCon Europe. I have more than 4 years of experience in the software industry and have had the chance to work on different projects with various programming languages such as Python, Haskell, and TypeScript. Since 2022, I lead the “Quito Lambda” Meetup community in Ecuador, a space that aims to share topics mainly related to the functional programming paradigm and its usage. I’m eager to share what I’ve learned over these years with a broader software community. During my free time, I enjoy cooking and discovering the world through its flavors. Lately, I’ve been into running and trailing.

  • Boosting up your tests: property-based testing workshop
Filipe Laíns

Filipe has been involved in Python packaging for a while. They are the author of pypa/build, a PyPA member, and a Python core developer. On their free time they are interested in electro-metrology, nuclear physics, and they are (foolishly) trying to make semiconductors at home.

  • Getting started with (modern) Python packaging
Francisco Lavrador Pires

Licenciatura em Engenharia Eletrotécnica - Ramo de Informática
Projetos de Engenharia de Software e Telecomunicações
Pós Graduação em Direito da Comunicação
Pós Graduação em Sistemas de Gestão da Segurança da Informação
Engenheiro de Redes de Telecomunicações em Fibra Ótica CTT-Telecomunicações
Gestor de Projetos - Portugal Telecom - Coimbra
Gestor de Grandes Clientes - Telecom Portugal (Coimbra - Lisboa )
Investigador e “Strategic Thinker”- Centro de Estudos de Telecomunicações - Aveiro
Gestor de Projetos Europeus - Internet and Public Operators - PT Inovação
Diretor de Inovação Empresarial - Associação Comercial e Industrial de Coimbra
Vogal do Conselho de Administração - Associação Coimbra Região Digital
Diretor Executivo da Associação Coimbra Região Digital
Consultor de Sistemas de Engenharia de Software e Telecomunicações
Docente de Pós Graduação - Privacidade e Proteção de Dados - ISCAC - Coimbra Business School
Docente Mestrado - Gestão de Projetos de Sistemas de Informação - ISEC
Auditor ISO 27001 - Sistemas de Gestão de Segurança da Informação
DPO - EPD : Encarregado de Proteção de Dados - Implementação RGPD
Orientador de Estágios DEIS - ISEC (Blockchain Engineering e Smart Contracts)
Senior Engineering Advisor - ISEC - Coimbra Engineering Academy
Lecturer and Trainer em Inteligência Artificial e Computação Quântica
Gestor e Líder de Projectos em Blockchain / DLT
Gestor e Lider de Projetos de Inteligência Artificial
Gestor e Lider de Projetos de Computação Quântica

Gonçalo Marques

A developer with a big interest on how the web works and about the processes of developing utility tools around it, be it extensions or backends for those.

  • From WebSites to Datasets: Unleashing the Power of Data Harvesting with Python
Henrique Graça
  • Living and breathing backwards compatible changes
Jayesh Kothari

With a rich 12-year journey in the realm of Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Data Storytelling, Jayesh is an expert in transforming data into compelling narratives that drive meaningful insights. He is proficient in low code, no code data analytics tools like Tableau, PowerBi, Alteryx & Dataiku with an in-depth knowledge of various relational databases & an expert in data visualization using Python.
In the past he had worked with renowned companies such as Atos Syntel, CouponDunia, and Infosys Currently he is busy in contributing to groundbreaking endeavors at Orsted, a global leader in green energy solutions.
He holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering from India and have furthered his knowledge with an executive program in Advanced Data Analytics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
He is passionate bicyclist, data analytics speaker and an avid reader.

  • Data Storytelling using Python
Joao Ferreira

I'm a family doctor by trade, however I've been coding for much longer than I've been working, and most of that time, it's been in Python. Today, I help make Healthcare better in the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health.

  • Legacy apps, deadlines and project pragmatism - Delivering thousands of messages every night in primary healthcare
Jorge Miranda

Telecommunications engineer who fell in love with embedded systems and, eventually, made a PhD in electronics. In the last years I’ve been working in the development of embedded systems for healthcare applications and other Internet of Things related projects. As an hobby, I try to be a rock star with a guitar.

  • Tavern Crawler: a tool to enable fast and easy development of automated API tests
Leandro Damascena
  • Living and breathing backwards compatible changes
Luca Baggi

👋 Hello there! I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Futura, an edtech startup, and I have been giving lectures in machine learning at the University of Milan for a couple of years. I am also an organiser of Python Milano, Milan's local Python meetup. I love writing sound, well-documented code, time-series forecasting and dataframe libraries.

  • I know Polars is fast, but my data pipelines are written in pandas!

Lucas Roitman is an entrepreneur and researcher best known for his inventions and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Augmented Reality. Roitman's success began at age 11, when he created his first viral video game, and it continued later on when he created and sold his first augmented reality software to a multinational company, becoming one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world. Besides becoming a three-time Olympic medalist in informatics and represented the nation twice internationally, in Italy and Thailand, for the IOI competitions, he also became an international Olympic medalist in the Ibero-American olympiads.
After receiving several scholarships from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Yale, and Stanford in the United States, he chose to join Stanford University in California, where he graduated with honors. While studying there, he was selected to participate in programs at Berlin and Peking University. After creating the start-up Lighthouse, an advanced technology camera for home security that was eventually sold to Apple, Roitman began to develop his own smart drone company called Adia Robotics, and he is currently working on various confidential projects within Apple, as well as creating a startup to enable Artificial Intelligence to run on the blockchain. Lucas Roitman is still a part of the Research Department at Stanford University, where he periodically publishes papers on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, science, and technology, as well as business and entrepreneurship.

  • Artificial Intelligence running on the Blockchain
Lucas Pires

Originally from Porto, Portugal, and holding an Msc. in Networks & Computer Engineering from the University of Porto, I've passionately pursued a career as a versatile freelancer, specializing in the development and maintenance of websites, back-end systems, and mobile applications for a diverse range of small companies. My skill set encompasses a variety of technologies, including PHP, NodeJS, Flutter, Ionic, HTMX, and Django.
Currently, I am fully committed to my role at Evolutio, where I lead the development of comprehensive applications for an array of clients from various sectors. My projects have ranged from creating housing market statistics platforms to crafting CMS applications for housing news and events management, utilizing a combination of Django, SvelteKit, and HTMX.
In my spare time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge through Full-stack Web Development courses, primarily aimed at university students. I am continually expanding my knowledge base, diving deep into topics such as DevOps tools and exploring the ever-evolving landscape of frontend frameworks, with a particular focus on SvelteKit.
When I'm not immersed in code, you can find me enjoying my other passions, including retro video games, fine-tuning my music mixing skills, and exploring the wonders of our world through travel.

  • Building advanced back-office interfaces using Django & HTMX
Luis Vaz

Miguel Fonseca is a full-time councillor at Coimbra City Council, responsible for Economy, Accounting and Finance; Control and Planning; Assets and Supplies; Administrative Offences and Tax Enforcement; Trade and Industry; Municipal Markets and Fairs; and Entrepreneurship, Investment and Employment.
He has a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, a Master's degree in International Economics and a PhD in Economics from the Higher Institute of Economics and Management/University of Lisbon (ISEG).
He was an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, a researcher in the scientific area of Internationalisation and a member of ISEG's Centre for Studies on Africa and Development, as well as a member of the board of the Centre and Alentejo Regional Delegation of the Order of Economists. He is currently a member of the National Board of the Order of Economists.
He has experience in local government, having been president of the Sé Nova Parish Council (2001-2005 and 2005-2009) and a member of the Coimbra Municipal Assembly (2009-2013), elected by the CDS.
He has strong ties to Coimbra's cultural and sporting institutions, being 1st Tenor of the Choir of the Former Orpheonists of the University of Coimbra and a founding member of CLASSE T - O Teatrão's Amateur Theatre Group. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Associação Académica de Coimbra-Organismo Autónomo de Futebol and Associação Académica de Coimbra-Organismo Autónomo de Futebol, SDUQ, Lda.

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Maxim Danilov

25 Years in software development, 9 years with Django.
Python/Django Mentor, Tech Coach, Author and Speaker.

Programming languages stack: RISC Assembly Language, C, ASP, VB/VBA, PHP, HTML/CSS, VueJS/NuxtJS, Python
I live in Austria in Tirol. I am also Alpine Ski and x-cross-country Instructor.

  • Django and ReportLab: create PDF Like A Boss .
Murilo Cunha

Murilo is a tech lead AI at Dataroots. He takes a pragmatic approach aiming to make AI both impactful and accessible. To that end, Murilo has an emphasis on MLOps when building ML systems. He's passionate about open-source, programming, and knowledge sharing.

  • Faster Python with friends
Olaniyan Adewale

Olaniyan Adewale Hafeez is a trained civil engineer but chose IT as a career and built his reputation at home and abroad. He was a computer technician and network administrator at the beginning of his IT career until he switched to programming. He has over ten years of experience with Python & PHP. Adewale has developed various applications in Python for both private and government organizations. He has wide knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python, Magneto, MySQL, Twitter, Bootstraps, Scratch, Codeigniter, Python, Flask, Django Framework, Vuejs, Dart and Flutter. He is a Full-Stack Developer, Data Scientist, and Embedded Engineer.
He has trained thousands of students in the Open Source field. He spent most of his time promoting Open Source technologies. He has organized free Open-Source Seminars for different organizations and communities like the Nigeria Computer Society of Nigeria, Universities and the like.
He is the founder of Couone Technology Limited, an IT consultancy firm. He also founded TechWorld Academy, Nigeriware Enterprise and Techware Innovation Bahrain. He teaches kids aged 8 to 16 robotics, cartooning and animation.
Currently, he is a full entrepreneur under the Technical Incubation Centre of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. He also provides consultancy to Ogun TechHub under his company Couone Technology Limited. Additionally, he runs another innovation called RobotKkraft Africa, which provides embedded systems, IoT and robotics bootcamps for youth, graduates, and professionals.
Besides these, he uses his spare time to develop embedded devices. This has become one of his passions and hobbies by making use of Arduino, esp8266 and other Internet of Things boards.
Some of his works include Remote Liquid Measurement and Management System (IoT), Digital Metre Security, e-Post Paid Metre (Web & Mobile App), NigeriaWare, Egba Coding Boot-Camp, eSchoolConnect, and many others.

  • MicroPython and time series analysis: Forecasting and trend analysis
Pedro Correia
  • Esmerald and Saffier - Complex Python made it easy with async
Quazi Nafiul Islam

Nafiul is a Software Engineer with over a decade of experience. He wrote a book called "Mastering PyCharm" and has spoken at multiple conferences. He has always been passionate about developer tools, and loves learning about new ones and understanding how they work.

  • Weird Python: A few ways in which Python can misbehave
Rashmi Nagpal

Rashmi is a skilled Software Engineer at Cactus and a researcher at the University of San Francisco, working in Machine Learning. With nearly four years of experience in the IT industry, she has successfully spearheaded product ideation and led redesigns and feature development, reaching millions of users. Rashmi indulges in astronomy, capturing images of the cosmos with her telescope or unwinding with friends over board games when she is not occupied with coding. Additionally, Rashmi is a proud pet parent to her Maltese breed dog, Fluffy.

  • The Aesthetics of Unbiased Machine Learning Systems: Crafting Fairness in Practice
Riccardo Magliocchetti

Riccardo is a Python software developer and consultant. In the years has contributed to quite a different range of open source software.

  • A simple serverless data pipeline
Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Rodrigo has always been fascinated by problem solving and that is why he picked up programming – so that he could solve more problems. He also loves sharing knowledge, and that is why he spends so much time writing articles in his blog, writing on Twitter @mathsppblog, and giving workshops and courses. You can also find his past talks on

His main areas of scientific interest are mathematics (numerical analysis in particular) and programming in general (with a preference for the Python and APL languages), but Rodrigo also enjoys reading fantasy books, watching silly comedy movies and eating chocolate.

  • Comprehending Comprehensions
  • Mastering comprehensions
Shahriyar Rzayev

Senior Software Engineer @ Nord Security. Moving forward on Clean Code and Clean Architecture. Previous accomplishments include contributing to open source, providing technical direction, and sharing knowledge about Clean Code and Architectural patterns. An empathetic team player and mentor.
Azerbaijan Python Group Leader. Former QA Engineer and Bug Hunter.

  • Learn Flask the hard way: Introduce Architecture Patterns
Stefanie Molin

Stefanie Molin is a software engineer and data scientist at Bloomberg in New York City, where she tackles tough problems in information security, particularly those revolving around data wrangling/visualization, building tools for gathering data, and knowledge sharing. She is also the author of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas, which is currently in its second edition and has been translated into Korean. She holds a bachelor’s of science degree in operations research from Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, as well as a master’s degree in computer science, with a specialization in machine learning, from Georgia Tech. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, inventing new recipes, and learning new languages spoken among both people and computers.

  • Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python
Sulaiman Adisa Adigun
  • MicroPython and time series analysis: Forecasting and trend analysis
Tiago Silva

I'm passionate software engineer and entrepreneur.

Creator of Esmerald and many other opensource projects.

Web 3.0, Cloud, Data Analytics, Blockchain and all in between are the areas that I can help you.

I created Esmerald, Saffier, Asyncz, Django Tenants URL, Django Messages DRF and a bunch of other opensource tools being widely used by a lot of companies and people.

I do a lot of Open Source projects and code to give back to the community what I've learnt and that demands even more time than the one I currently have and all my free time goes to the free and open-source software I build.

By checking my public repositories you will see that I've done a lot of the heavy lifting for a lot of frameworks (Django, Flask, FastAPI, Angular, React, React for Blockchain...) that will save a lot of time and configurations, it will save months to be very honest to a lot of developers (structure, configurations...), I hope you enjoy using them as I do enjoy maintaining them

  • Esmerald and Saffier - Complex Python made it easy with async
Tom Forbes

I’m a passionate believer in enabling engineers to focus on the interesting parts of their job and less on the mundane; through elegant tooling, automation and fantastic developer experiences. Happier developers supported by great tooling build better products.

My work at Octopus Energy focuses this passion towards helping our engineers drive the green energy revolution across the world.

  • Optimising for joy