Avneet Kaur

I am currently working as a Data Engineering Professional at Novo Nordisk. I am inspired by the advancing developments in making computers imitate and understand human language, vision, and intelligence and passionate about building tech that adds value to society.


Building Dainty Dashboards in Plotly Dash for health data science.
Avneet Kaur

Data science projects are often characterized by visualizations which
enhances the creative storytelling process and allow us to derive actionable
insights from data. This is enabled through the use of good visualization tools/libraries which enable us to present data in a manner that is interactive and is easily understandable. Often, the action in itself tends to be more significantly remembered by the audience in comparison to static insights. This inturn
calls for the need for using interactive dashboards as a way to present the data.
Currently, the plethora of tools available for this purpose often makes it a tedious task to decide which is the best fit. Often the choice oscillates between learning to use explicit dashboarding tools or using existing python libraries which may allow visualizations but not necessarily dashboarding.
Apart from the cost associated with some of these explicit dashboarding tools, there might also be a learning curve associated with it.
Therefore, in this talk, I would like to take you through a simple pythonic approach of building dainty dashboards using Plotly Dash in python to ease the process of data exploration and allow for interactive visualizations that enable creative storytelling.