Lucas Roitman is an entrepreneur and researcher best known for his inventions and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Augmented Reality. Roitman's success began at age 11, when he created his first viral video game, and it continued later on when he created and sold his first augmented reality software to a multinational company, becoming one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world. Besides becoming a three-time Olympic medalist in informatics and represented the nation twice internationally, in Italy and Thailand, for the IOI competitions, he also became an international Olympic medalist in the Ibero-American olympiads.
After receiving several scholarships from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Yale, and Stanford in the United States, he chose to join Stanford University in California, where he graduated with honors. While studying there, he was selected to participate in programs at Berlin and Peking University. After creating the start-up Lighthouse, an advanced technology camera for home security that was eventually sold to Apple, Roitman began to develop his own smart drone company called Adia Robotics, and he is currently working on various confidential projects within Apple, as well as creating a startup to enable Artificial Intelligence to run on the blockchain. Lucas Roitman is still a part of the Research Department at Stanford University, where he periodically publishes papers on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, science, and technology, as well as business and entrepreneurship.


Artificial Intelligence running on the Blockchain

New technology now allows machine learning models to be uploaded to the blockchain, enhancing decentralized applications' (dapps) functionality and competitiveness against centralized apps. In this talk, we will discuss how anyone can easily deploy a simple machine learning model to the blockchain.